Pay Air Machine

More technology than ever, SC12-SS features digital air machine, stainless steel cabinet, coin and credit card payment, internal air compressor, vacuum and more.

Recommended for:

Gas Stations, C-stores and Car Washes

Sc12-ss | Pay air Machine

Product Overview​

The SC12-SS is a digital air machine that provides automatic air calibration for customers to inflate their tires with precision, speed and consistency every time.

Options: Buy, Revenue Share and Rental​.

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Main Product Features

Digital Air Machine

Our easy to use air machine automatically inflates and deflates a tire to within 0.5 PSI of the desired pressure.

Vacuum Machine (Optional)

Digital air and vacuum machine in one product, offer more services to your customers by adding the vacuum attachment.

Internal Air Compressor

Our air machines come with internal air compressor with maximum pressure up to 80 PSI.

Coin & Credit Card Payment (Optional)

Cashless payment system offers customers a simple, efficient, and convenient way to pay for air and vacuum service.

Electronic Lock System (Optional)

Simple, smart, and secure. The Excel electronic lock allows the user to access the vault only with our phone app (replaces the need of a key).

Air Illuminated Sign

The Air Sign will make your machine stand out during the day and night.

Customizable Decal (Optional)

All air machine decals can be fully customized with your business logo, color, instructions information and layout.

Other Features:

Water Kit, Heater, Wireless Monitoring System, Remote Control, Choose Vending Time / Price and more.

Parts Included

Open End Hold-on Chuck
30ft Coil Hose
Internal Air Compressor (80 PSI)
Product NameSC12-SS Pay Air Machine

SC12-SS (w/ Vacuum)

Height: 70.25 inches (178.50 cm)
Width: 28.04 inches (71.50 cm)

SC12-SS (w/o Vacuum)

Height: 70.25 inches (178.50 cm)
Width: 12.37 inches (31.50 cm)


SC12-SS (w/ Vacuum)

210 lbs (95.25 kg)

SC12-SS (w/o Vacuum)

160 lbs (72.60 kg)

Electrical Frequency60 Hz
Electrical Consumption13 AMPS
Recommended Circuit Breaker20 A – Class C
Air Pressure Default Setting32 PSI
Air Calibration Range4 – 80 PSI
Average Air Flow3.4 – 2.5 CFM
Max Pressure Output80 PSI
Operational Temperature (w/ Heater)-30 – 140˚ F
Air Relative Humidity w/o Condensation0 – 95%
Accuracy< 1 % F.S.

Air Machine Premium Features

Technology Payment Solution

Credit Card Machine

Global credit card payments are increasing at a rate 13% per year, this translates to the need to offer cashless payment options on your air machine. Our touch screen credit card reader makes it easier and more convenient when customers pay for air and vacuum services.

Control your air machine from anywhere

Wireless Monitoring System

We provide you with real-time access to the air machines’ revenue, coin and credit card count, equipment status and more through our Web-Platform. Available for all computers and smartphones.

More Security

Excel Lock System

Eliminate the hassle of carrying keys with the Excel Lock System. Our electronic lock allows you to control the coin accessibility by authorizing only the people who you trust to open the vault of your air machine. The entire process is done in our mobile app, providing you with more security and convenience when collecting coins from your air tower.

Gas station & C-store

Customer Review

Andrew Delli Carpini, CEO of East Side Enterprises, talks on the benefits of convenience stores working with Excel Tire Gauge. From repeat customers to servicing tire inflation needs.

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